"I was really skeptical about Reiki at first and to be honest I didn't really understand what it was.
Well, there have been times when I have been unwell and as soon as I've told Joselin, I can feel a recovery coming on. It's so hard to put into words, it is something you have to experience to believe.
Most of all, Reiki has helped me with my anxieties and given me extra energy through busy or stressful times.
I can now fly on airplanes without having panic attacks and my dentist even got a book about Reiki when I told him that it was the reason for my first appointment ever where I had not run out of the surgery in tears!
As far as the sports connection goes, I used to run 800 and 1500m as a junior and was always suffering from some kind of injury. Now, I play tennis and go running quite a lot and since becoming aware of Reiki, I have not had so much as a twisted ankle and I also seem to have endless energy! Now I'm confident Reiki could improve my backhand..."

Kylie Bull - England

"I was recently in a car accident, and had a very sore back, and shoulder. Through Reiki, I was able to find relief from the discomfort. I was able to stay off the anti inflammatories and continue to go about my day to day routine, without missing a day of work."
L. Casasanta - Toronto

"As a skeptic, I had many questions and doubts about Reiki - until I experienced it. It literally is something you have to experience to understand!. There is nothing to lose or to take for it to work - therefore nothing to lose in trying it. It's really the only way to understand it."
A. Macri - Toronto