Reiki is a laying on/off hands healing technique which is thousands of years old. It is thought to have originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practice that was rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist.

Reiki healing is a pure energy form. It does not interfere or conflict with traditional medical treatment or other health care, but rather enhances and facilitates the benefits and results. Reiki speeds the healing process and provides a source of restoring energy under medical treatment or in recovery.

Reiki can also be used in conjunction with other therapies (medical, psychological, bodywork, etc.) to enhance the benefits and results that these modalities provide.

The energy manages its own flow to and within the recipient. Therefore it works like a radio frequency, and just has to be attuned to it.

Reiki affects each person differently, but it always acts wherever the receiver needs it most. However, there are common effects that everyone experiences. Energy used up in everyday life is replaced, so that when the person feels exhausted or drained, the resulting imbalance, which may adversely affect the person physically, emotionally, and mentally, can be put right. Reiki help us to replenish and add to our energy and, in this way, helps to create a healthy body.

Reiki can never cause harm. It cannot be used to manipulate or control. It always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to create the effect that is appropriate for them. One never needs worry about whether to receive Reiki or not. It is always helpful.

Treatments do not involve pressure, manipulation or massage. Reiki practitioners rest their hands gently on specific areas of your body and energy is projected directly into the body. This energy is self-dispersing; it flows naturally into deficient areas and also assists your body in re-regulating its own energy.

After a treatment, you may feel mentally much clearer about things and experience deep insights into particular questions or problems you are facing. Reiki can then help you to make the right changes and decisions in your life, if that is what you need or want to achieve.

Reiki has intelligence far beyond human knowledge. It is not necessary to know what is wrong with the person, the Reiki energy knows, as does the recipient’s own system and the energy will go where it is needed. No energy is taken from the practitioner and in fact both practitioner and recipient are strengthened and revitalised with the energy.

The Reiki practitioner is a channel for the energy, they are not doing the healing, the energy is.

Reiki gives you a technique to help you to use energy in non-physical dimensions. Therefore the practitioner can send healing energy across a distance, referred to as Distant Healing. Through this, the practitioner many times, can send Reiki without even see the patient.

Reiki is a gift that we all are born with, we just need to awaken.

NOTE: Reiki is not intended to be a substitute for any type of medical, hospital, or psychiatric treatment.