In basic terms, they are:

brings clear, focus and improved concentration
releases accumulated daily stress
is safe - cannot be used to manipulate or control
less tiredness
better team play
better individual play
improved health
does not interfere w/medical treatment
enhanced medications
quickens healing time / faster healing process
reduces need for anesthetics
diffuses pain
keep mind centred and free of distraction
restores and balances natural energy
heals cause, eliminates effects of imbalances
minimises feelings of helplessness when faced with a crisis situation
prevents disorders, maintains positive wellness
enrich food and drinks
no contra-indications

Reiki will help the teams/individuals to be better prepared for their work, both physically and mentally. It will make the individuals and the teams stronger. If Reiki is adopted into a team’s/individuals health and fitness program, many of the injuries can be prevented or could heal much faster. There are many ways in which to use Reiki in Sports, depending on the approach you want to take and the goals you want to achieve.