Reiki is your connection with the light energy of the Universe. Reiki, in and of it, is the greatest teacher for those who are willing to listen and learn. Through your actual experience with Reiki, you will learn more than could ever be written or described. With Reiki you move into the natural energy flow of a healing, illuminating, balancing, life altering energy.

The big bonus with REIKI is that when you are treating someone else you are receiving a healing at the same time.

There are no “Noes” in Reiki, everything goes, everything works, it’s all up to you! how to use the Universal Life Force Energy.

2 ways how to Receive this energy:
- As a patient
- As a student

As a patient could be in person, hands on, or could it be Long Distance receiving Reiki.

As a student, there are three degrees and four levels of Reiki. Often the 3rd and 4th levels are combined in the third degree.

First Degree Reiki – beginning level. General information and the history of Reiki are discussed as well as a general overview of the Chakra system. Specific hand positions covering the head, front and back of the body are taught and instructions are given on how to use Reiki with humans, plants, objects and animals.

Second Degree Reiki – available to those who have completed First Degree. The powerful, sacred Second Degree Initiation attunes you to the ancient, sacred, dynamic and multi-dimensional energy keys or symbols. These symbols allow you to access many different levels or dimensions of energy.

Third Degree Personal Mastery & Master/Teacher Level (combined) – This level is for personal growth, transformation and increased enlightenment. It can also be used for those who want to teach Reiki. This Degree involves an increased level of energy.

- With the Personal Mastery Level you learn how to do attunements which open the recipient to greater amounts of Reiki energy. These attunements are not initiatory, but are designed to help you access more energy when giving hands-on or absentee treatments.

- With the Master/Teacher Level you learn how to activate First, Second and Third Degrees of Reiki energy through attunements. For those who wish to teach Reiki it requires of you a deep commitment to the integrity of the system and the implementation of Reiki in your life.