Reiki is a tool which can be used anytime, any place, for on-the-spot stress release, pain relief and quick energy. Reiki is a form of bodywork based on energy. Is very easily learned, very simple to use, and beneficial for all.

Today, professional athletes must deal with all kinds of pressure, stress, difficult situations, emotions, commitments, sponsors, training, distractions and injuries; in which Reiki would assist the body’s natural healing abilities and generally giving a sense of balance.

Reiki for today’s athletes, coaches, trainers and everyone around them, could be their secret weapon. Fast, simple & effective. No tools are needed, just body, mind & spirit. No concentration, no meditation; energy flows through the body automatically. The more Reiki flows through the body, the clearer the mind becomes.

Reiki won’t make you win or lose, but it will help athletes to keep their energy up, and prevent severe injuries. So, good athletes will feel good; if they feel good, they play/compete better; and if they play/compete better, they will win games/competitions.




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